Why Real Estate Wholesaling is the Best Way to Start Investing

Real estate investing can be a fruitful and rewarding venture but can also be an intimidating experience for beginners. Fortunately, there are various investment options that aspiring investors can consider, one of which is real estate wholesaling. Wholesaling involves finding and securing off-market properties by getting them under contract and then selling or assigning the contract to a buyer or real estate investor at a profit.

Here are some reasons why wholesaling is the best way for novice real estate investors to get started:

Low Investment Costs and Risks

Wholesaling requires minimal initial capital investment, as the investor doesn’t need to buy the property they are wholesaling. Instead, they are acting as a connector or intermediary, helping to facilitate transactions between the seller and the buyer. In most cases, a wholesaler incurs only a small fee, which is a fraction of the value of the deal.

Also, there are very low risks involved in wholesaling; if a deal falls through, the wholesaler doesn’t lose any money since they never owned the property. The risks in wholesaling are also mitigated since the purchaser is usually an experienced and active real estate investor.

Fast and Flexible Transactions

Wholesaling transactions are usually fast and straightforward, as there is often no need for appraisal or bank financing. The seller and buyer of the property can agree on a price, and the transaction can be closed quickly without the need for multiple parties. Investors can also use different exit strategies to wholesale the properties, such as assigning the contract to a buyer or doing a simultaneous closing with the seller and the buyer. This flexibility allows investors to adapt to the market and fit their strategies to the current situation.

Learning Opportunity

Wholesaling can be an opportunity for beginners to learn about real estate investing without having to take on too much responsibility. As wholesalers are interacting with motivated sellers, they learn about their mindsets, and the different incentives concerned with selling a property. Investors can learn how to analyze deals, understand basic deal structuring, and negotiate. This knowledge is useful not only for wholesaling but can also be applied to other real estate investing strategies.

High Profit Margins

By wholesaling, investors can make substantial profits without having to invest much capital upfront. Wholesalers can flip properties quickly, making a considerable profit from the difference between their contracted price and the price that they sell the contract for. If an investor is skilled at wholesaling, they can also negotiate better deals with sellers, resulting in higher profit margins.


There are various ways for novice investors to start their real estate investment journey, and wholesaling is one of the most practical options available. The low entry cost, minimal risk set, flexible transaction process, and high-profit margins make wholesaling the ideal starting point for beginner investors. While wholesaling can be an excellent starting point, it is important to remember to continuously learn and work on improving one’s real estate investing skill and knowledge.