Tips to Make a Budget Build House

Making one’s own home is often done by people to get the best occupancy. Before building, of course there must be a budget for housing construction. This is intended so that the cost of building a house does not deviate so that it does not drain the bag.

Have you made a budget to build a house? Yes, this turned out to be important from the start.

Some people choose designs according to personal desires without thinking. As a result, he will be surprised when he sees the cost at the end. Not a few who lost, sorry even could not afford the budget.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Come, draw and calculate the cost of building a house before starting it all. Follow the tips and simulations below

Tips and Simulations to Calculate the Cost of Building a House :

1. Purpose of Creating a House Budget

Making careful planning regarding the budget when building a house is very important to monitor the use of money. This plan is good for monitoring the price of material fluctuations, hardware, soft equipment, and the cost of the craftsman who does it.

2. Benefits of Performing Budget Calculations

Building budget can help us to have a clear calculation standard. Enter as much detail as possible starting from the design, building prices, as well as daily or piece rate. Don’t miss anything! Like workers with different skills, of course, require different calculations.

3. Simulation to Make a Budget to Build a House

The simulation to prepare the estimated budget for building a house is usually done by a contractor. Even so, you can do personal calculations with the following steps:

      a. Home Size

The size of the home must be determined from the start . Likewise with the initial design of the house. It must be known that the size of the house is not the same as the area of ​​land used. So, the size of the house and the total area must be really calculated carefully and carefully. If you already know in detail, then the calculation of the cost of building a house can be more accurate.

     b. Count Per Square Meter

Calculating the budget per square meter when building a house must be done thoroughly. Examples such as for the material of the walls, ceilings, floors, and finishing needs.

The two budget calculations above, namely the size of the house and the budget per square meter can help estimate the total budget for the cost of building a house until it is finished standing.

4. Other costs that must be prepared

After calculating the budget for building a home, also make sure to estimate the total cost used for new home furniture and decor. Don’t forget also to consider other building costs such as:

      a. administrative costs
      b. home tax
      c. IMB maintenance fees, and so on

5. Important Notes

Estimates of the calculation of the budget to build a home generally starts from:

      a. Preparation stage (cleaning lahal and arrival of material)

Foundation (digging soil, laying foundation and filling soil) Reinforced concrete structures, construction of walls, roof trusses, finishing of roofs, ceilings, floors, electrical and plumbing installations, and painting and finishing of houses.

      b. Prepare additional funds

You also need to prepare additional funds to build a house by 10% of the total expenditure required. This fund can be used as a reserve that can be used at any time for an unexpected budget.

After making the budget to build a mature house, we are ready to start the project.